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Methodology & Approach
  We at NPS are a strong committed team and believe in encouraging openness and enhancing capability to understand the problems afresh given the changing environmental conditions. The focus is not only on finding the right answers but on finding the right questions, for which feasible alternatives can be worked out.
This is done by our approach featuring mainly on
  • Assessing the internal theories of business for ongoing effectiveness
  • Critically and constructively viewing organization and the environment in which it exists, grows and develops.
  • Evaluating business strategy/decision making process and risks by understanding the full range of risks and complexities
  • Defining, designing and implementing tools, methods and techniques for measurement of results for any given period
  • Developing reporting system for generation of various analytical reports and to help guide strategic decisions
  • Evolving appropriate performance indicators in terms of cost, profit etc and monitoring and reviewing at periodic intervals.
  • Strengthening the Corporate Governance and Compliance Processes in the organisation
Thus we offer solutions for :
By Offering appropriate solutions to SME's in their smooth functioning and also for typical problems faced by SME's in their transition from Small to Medium and / or Medium to Large, so that the management can focus on business development.

By Offering various types of solutions such as Financial, Investment and Tax Advice to individuals, sole proprietors and partnership firms with the ultimate aim of enhancing Value Addition at a reasonable cost.

By offering various types of solutions that ultimately enhances the effectiveness of the business processes adopted by LBE's which will help in bridging the gaps in Management Information requirements, so that they can concentrate their focus on analysis of results rather than on processes and techniques involved in measurement of results.

Organising Workshops and Seminar:- For updation of various legal compliance/Act/Rules/Regulations and to create general. awareness
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